Investigator: Carrie Shawber, PhD
Institution: Columbia University (New York, NY)
Title of Project: Assessment of Proteasome Inhibitors for the Treatment of Complex Lymphatic Anomalies

Investigator: William Polacheck, PhD
Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)
Title of Project: Development of an inducible tissue engineered model for understanding cellular dynamic in GLA

Investigator: James Bennett, MD, PhD
Institution: Seattle Children’s Hospital (Seattle, WA)
Title of Project: Examination of cell free DNA and single-cell based expression profiling of chylous effusions in complex lymphatic anomalies
(funded by LDGA Europe)

Investigator: Natasha Harvey, PhD
Institution: University of South Australia (Adelaide, Australia)
Title of Project: Defining the Mechanisms by which MDFIC Mutations Cause Central Conducting Lymphatic Anomaly (CCLA) *

*second year of funding