Investigator: Fayez Safadi
Institution: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Title of Project: The Role of Lymphatic Fluid on Bone Cellular Interaction and Function

Investigator: Denise Adams
Institution: Boston Children’s Hospital
Title of Project: The Lymphatic Registry

Investigator: Tim Le Cras
Institution: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Title of Project: Biomarkers and Pathogenesis of Lymphatic Anomalies

Investigator: Victor Martinez-Glez
Institution: Institute of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Madrid, Spain
Title of Project: Genetic and Genomic Analysis in Patients Affected by Gorham-Stout Disease and General Lymphatic Anomaly

Investigator: Miikka Vikkula
Institution: Universite Catholique de Louvain
Title of Project: Molecular Pathogenesis of Lymphatic Anomalies