Apply for Funding

Applications are reviewed based on following key criteria:

1. Relevance and strength of research hypothesis
2. Availability of supporting data
3. Availability of tools and personnel to conduct the work proposed
4. Timeframe for completion
5. A well-justified budget
6. Measurable milestones
7. Willingness to interact closely with LMI
8. Willingness to share findings with colleagues
9. Proposed work should not have been funded by another agency


•The period of award and level of funding is unique to each funded project, and depends wholly on the scope and requirements of each approach. There are no pre-determined figures governing these parameters.
•Funded projects are required to communicate and discuss quarterly progress reports with the institute


Download application materials:

Pre-proposal submission: [download]

1. Pre-proposal guidelines


Full proposal submission: [download]

1. Grant submission requirements

2. Cover page

3. Timeline and budget templates


Post-award documents: [download]

1. Funding agreement

2. Budget reporting template

3. Final research report template